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Gear Motor Technology
Number of amps or gear size means little when it comes to how a motor performs. How do we know? Since 1990, Roll·Rite® has powered more tarping systems throughout the world than anyone else. Our engineering and real-world experience is unmatched in the tarp industry. This is why Roll·Rite® gear motors carry the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Click below to read more on history or what we call the More Amp Myth.

Motor History & Standards
More Amps Myth

To view our gear motor facility, equipment and processes see our Gear Facility Slide Show.

The Best Gear Motors Deserve the Best Warranty
Our gear motors featuring Worm Gear Technology are warranted against defects and wear out for three years. Our gear motors featuring Spur Gear Technology are warranted against defects and wear out for five years (See Warranty Policy).

Worm Gear Technology
Our original direct-drive, oil-bathed gear motors use 5 precision ball bearings with alloy steel and bronze gears.

    The TarpMaster®
    The Raised Standard...Perfect for tarp systems and hand crank conversions in light duty applications using up to 20 feet of tarp.

    The Hydra·Lock™
    The tarp industry´s first, self-braking hydraulic gear motor. With your existing truck hydraulics, the Hydra·Lock™ delivers horsepower and torque comparable to our patented Super Duty electric gear motor, using only 7gpm at 1250 psi. The 10180 Hydra·Lock™ is great for standard tarp applications using over 20 feet of tarp. Our 10190 Hydra·Lock™ is featuring a 1" output shaft, is optional for single-arm side-to-side tarping of transfer trailers where hydraulic power is preferred.

Spur Gear Technology
Our spur and helical gearing features hardened steel gears and precision ground ball bearings and provides a more efficient power transfer, for a much longer transmission life than any worm-style transmission.

    The Super Duty
    Our patented Super Duty with patented brake technology is perfect for tarp systems and hand crank conversions using over 20 feet of tarp. Our non-brake version powers conversion power kits on landing gear for expediter trucks and trailers.

    The TarpStretcher®
    Our TarpStretcher® electric gear motor, designed exclusively for side-to-side tarping, follows the patented configuration of our Super Duty, yet provides 3 times the torque for efficient side-to-side tarping.

    The TaskMaster™
    Our hollow, or "thru-" shaft technology has opened new doors for power conversions across several new industries. Our innovative hollow shaft gear motor featuring our patented brake technology powers existing cable systems and hard-to-crank grain doors. Our non-brake version powers landing gear on equipment, car and even horse trailers.