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High Performance, Low Maintenance Auto Tarpers for Roll Offs, Hooklifts and Luggers.
A Roll·Rite® roll off tarp system features polished-aluminum arm profiles that are cylinder-free, which means less replacement and repair labor costs.

Fit Your Truck & Your Budget!
Our patented sliding pivot on selected DC-Series auto tarpers accommodates even older style roll off and hook lift trucks. Install our sliding pivot on your roll off or hook lift at 108-inch outside width and still clear a 102-inch wide can with room to spare!

Our systems feature components designed to fit the varying needs of roll off trucks and trailers. Combine stationary and adjustable features on DC-Series tarp systems for a variation that best suits your tarp and budget requirements.
Options, Accessories & More.
Select electric-over-hydraulic or hydraulic power, optional towers and controls, and your choice of tarp fabrics to complete your system.

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