New Under Body Mount Pivot Design for Dump Truck and Trailer Tarp Systems

Roll·Rite® Under Body Pivot

Roll·Rite® Under Body Mount Pivot Gets All-new Design (left)
to Streamline Installation Over Old Design (right)

Under Body Mount Pivot Gets Updated Design

In addition to a clean, modern look, our new curved shaped Under Body pivot box has been improved for easier installation. New design features an upper 4-bolt installation pattern easily accessed from outside of the spring chamber. New bolt pattern eliminates bolting to the face of truck or trailer body.

Pre-set pin location on new pivot box sets the spring pressure to the highest optimal tension based on spring capacity of pivot from 5-spring through 16-spring applications. New pre-set pin eliminates guesswork on hole placement of clevis pin for adjustable tension. Tension can still be increased manually if necessary.

An alternate version is also available for inboard wall smooth side trailers. For complete product and installation details, please call our Customer Service Center at 1-800-297-9905.