Hooklift & Lugger Trucks & Trailers

Roll·Rite® DC-Series: Advanced Technology, Designed with Maintenance in Mind

Roll·Rite DC-Series tarp systems are designed with one goal: to reduce the cost of ownership of your hooklifts and lugger / skiploaders. All of the major components – arms, pivots, power system and tarp axle – were uniquely engineered to be simpler and faster to operate, maintain and repair than any other system on the market today. Multiple repetitive safeguards are built into the system to minimize potential damage from operation – even operator error – and prolong tarp life.

Our patented arms design provides maximum strength with minimum weight. Plus the DC-Series has the industry’s only remote key fob operation for safer and more responsible tarping. And to save you significant labor costs up front, the tower assembly comes pre-assembled and pre-wired for fast and efficient installation or retrofit.

Please click on the DC-Series model above that best meets your vehicle and container requirements. See specifically how Roll-Rite can help you lower your cost of tarping.