Live Bottom Trailers


Roll·Rite® STS Series for Live Bottom Trailers

Roll·Rite® STS Series for Live Bottom Trailers

Roll·Rite® STS Series Tarp System For Live Bottom Trailers

Our most popular STS Series system for live bottom trailers features a dual-arm power kit including “Lock-Down” accessories and is ideal for Solid Tarp (Sealed) applications. Our dual arm power kit uses spring pressure at both ends of Tarp Axle to deploy system.

Your system may vary based on your style of live bottom trailer. To order a complete a STS-Series lock down roll tarp system, an Axle Kit and Tarp need to be specified when ordering. See our How-to-Specify STS-Series Lock-Down Roll Tarp Systems section or call us toll-free at 1-800-297-9905 for assistance.

Spring Bows and other Options are also available.
See our Trailer Photo Gallery for more STS Series Applications


Our STS Series  for Live Bottom Trailers features:

  • A TarpStretcher® gear motor
  • Rite·Lock™ Dual Arm Power Kit
  • Standard mounting brackets and necessary wiring
  • Ridgid 3-inch diameter tarp axle (specified and sold separately)
  • A Roll·Rite® Premium tarp based on your tarp requirements (specified and sold separately)



Roll·Rite® Quality Tarps are available separately.



Downloads are available on our online Parts & Support portal. For How-to-Measure Spec Forms and Installation Manuals see our Parts & Support documentation page click here on Roll·Rite® Parts.

Part # Description Schematic Parts
37120 Rite·Lock™ Kit, Passenger Stowing w/2 Top Mount Pivots –  12V TS Schematic Parts