DC350™: Varying Sized Containers

Roll·Rite® DC350 for Roll Offs and Hooklifts Hauling Varying Sized Containers

Roll·Rite® DC350 for Tandem and Multi Axle Roll Offs and Hooklifts Hauling Varying Sized Containers

Roll·Rite® DC350: The Most Advanced Adjustable Covering System

If you haul more than one size container on your roll off or hook hoists, the Roll·Rite® DC350 tarp system was designed for your operation. It’s a lightweight electric-over-hydraulic covering system that is much simpler to operate, maintain and install, and offers a lower overall cost of ownership than heavy, leak-prone hydraulic tarpers common to the roll-off industry.

The DC350 is so advanced it currently has four patents with a fifth patent pending. It’s so uniquely different than traditional hydraulic-driven roll-off tarpers that a typical top ten benefit list wasn’t enough. See our Top 12 Countdown to Money-Saving Advantages only a DC350 tarp system can give you.

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Unless otherwise specified below a DC350 System includes:


Roll·Rite® Quality Tarps are sold separately.



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Part # Description Schematic Parts
69350 System, DC350 Series w/ 20” Narrow Profile Sliding Pivot, 12 V Adj. Tower Schematic Parts
69352 System, DC350 Series Super Slider w/2 stage tower Schematic Parts