Tarp Materials

Sewing Fabrication of Premium HD Mesh Tarp

Tarp Fabrication


Roll·Rite® premium finished tarps are made in the USA and specially fabricated for more durable tarps with longer life cycles.

Mesh Tarp Fabrics

Premium Mesh Tarp Fabrics

From Left to Right: Premium Mesh for general tarping of sand, gravel, rocks, coal, black dirt and landscaping debris. Super Tough Mesh for solid waste, scrap and demolition with demanding debris. Premium HD Mesh for construction and demolition with more demanding debris that tarp front-to-rear or side-to-side.

Aggregates, Waste & Scrap

Roll·Rite® offers first run, premium mesh fabrics each with thread specifications designed to meet the demands of various load types. General tarping of aggregates, fine sand, black dirt or solid waste, scrap and other demanding debris.

Solid Tarp Fabrics

Premium Asphalt Tarps

Heavy Duty Asphalt for general asphalt tarping is a premium 18oz material specially coated for asphalt applications.

Roll·Rite® Heavy Duty Asphalt is premium material for asphalt tarping. Watch for our additional tarp offerings for asphalt hauling.

Solid Tarp Fabrics

Premium Vinyl Tarps

From Left to Right: Heavy Duty Asphalt for general asphalt tarping. Premium Vinyl featuring 'Rip-Stop' for grain, wood chips, mulch and other sealed tarp applications.

Roll·Rite® vinyl tarps are also designed to meet the demands of various load types. Our Heavy Duty Asphalt is perfect for general asphalt tarping. Our Premium Vinyl is specifically designed for sealed tarping of grain, wood chips, mulch and more.

Leading Tarp Design, Durable Construction

Long-lasting tarps require attention to detail. With state-of-the-art fabrication techniques and first run fabrics Roll·Rite delivers the most durable tarps with a longer life-cycle. Our tarp specialists use precision, state-of-the-art programmable cutting instruments and innovative fabrication methods and designs to produce premium finished tarps. All Roll·Rite tarps are subjected to a separate inspection process after completion to ensure quality standards are met.

For added strength, durability and wear resistance, Roll·Rite® tarps feature:

  • Single Piece Construction
  • Reinforced Corners and Seams (Double-Stitched or Welded)
  • Rear Tarp Rod Pocket Completely Lined And Reinforced With Grommets