Pleated Tarps


Innovative Design, The Pleated Tarp

Our original pleated tarp design features all the benefits of a straight tarp while actually functioning like a flapped tarp. Two pleated folds along the length of the tarp actually expand to function like flaps. This eliminates shock cords and seams while reducing tarp cost and preventing operator strain common to deploying flapped tarps. Our tarp system’s built in tension helps refold pleats as the tarp rolls up! Pleated tarps are a custom order and available in Premium Mesh, Premium HD Mesh, Super Tough Mesh or Heavy Duty Asphalt fabrics.

  • Pleated Folds… often expand over heaped loads when deploying the tarp
  • Built-in Tension… on Roll-Rite® tarp arms helps pleats re-fold when retracting the tarp
  • Eliminates Shockcords
  • Better Investment… than flapped style tarps