CableMaster Power Kits

CableMaster Power Kit for Existing Cable Tarp Systems

CableMaster Power Kit for Existing Cable Tarp Systems

Power Your Existing Cable System

If you have a dump truck or trailer with an existing cable system, a Roll·Rite® CableMaster Kit featuring our 5-year Thru Shaft gear motor technology easily delivers necessary power for cable system operation.

Technology & Specs

CableMaster Power Kits include:

  • Electric Kit with Momentary Rocker Switch
  • Motor Reversing Relay
  • 35 amp Breaker
  • Wiring Instructions
  • 85’ of 6 ga Dual Conductor Wire
  • 15’ of 14 ga 3-Conductor Wire
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Hardware and Coupler


For availability, please call us toll-free 1-800-297-9905.
10914 Rite Touch Motor Reversing Module Electric Kit w/Momentary Rocker Switch
11000 Rite Touch Single Function Controller w/Key Fob
11338 Wire, 6 ga. Dual Conductor -85ft-
11411 Wire, 16 ga. 3-Conductor -15ft-
12760 Plug Set, Sureflex Dual Conductor
20120 Thru-Shaft Gear Motor 24 RPM to Fit 1” Shaft w/5 Year Warranty – S/N: HP
21100 Bracket, AL Gear Motor Mounting Bracket for Cable System
22130 Bracket, Coupler Rod for Thru Shaft Motor 1”x12” Rod
22135 Bracket, Shaft coupler and bearing spacer for Thru Shaft 1.5×1.5×5.75” Tube
31055 Bearing, Pillow Block Bearing


Downloads are available on our online Parts & Support portal. For How-to-Measure Spec Forms and Installation Manuals see our Parts & Support documentation page click here on Roll·Rite® Parts.

Part # Description Schematic Parts
33120 Cable System Power Kit w/Thru-Shaft Gear Motor 24 RPM & Couplers Schematic Parts