End Dump: Side-to-Side Lock-Down Style

Roll·Rite® STS Series for End Dump Trailers

Roll·Rite® STS Series for End Dump Trailers featuring MultiFlex™ rear cable arm

Roll·Rite® STS Series Tarp System For End Dump Trailers

Our most popular STS Series system for end dump trailers features a dual-arm power kit including “Lock-Down” accessories and is ideal for Solid Tarp (Sealed) applications. Enhanced dual arm system features Rite·Lock™ power kit combined with our MultiFlex™ rear cable arm allows full operation of all tailgates. MultiFlex™ arm features:

  • Multi Directional Rear Arm Flexibility allows full tailgate operation on all gates including standard dump, high lift, barn door and split tailgates
  • Heavy Duty Cable Design will not dry rot and is unaffected by cold
  • Designed for easy retrofit installation attaches to existing 2-inch roll pipe via a thick wall polymer bushing that virtually eliminates wear issues
  • Bushing mounted external pivot eliminates metal on metal contact

To specify our STS Series Tarp Systems, please download our How-to-Measure Trailer Guide for STS Series. To download, search How To Measure on our documentation page click here on Roll·Rite® Parts & Support.

See our Trailer Photo Gallery for more STS Series Applications


Our STS Series Rite·Lock™ Kits with MultiFlex™ for End Dump Trailers (system #38208 and #38212) feature:

To order a complete a STS-Series system, an Axle Kit and Tarp need to be specified when ordering. Call us toll-free at 1-800-297-9905 for assistance.

  • Rigid 3-inch diameter tarp axle (specified and sold separately)
  • A Roll·Rite® Premium tarp based on your tarp requirements (specified and sold separately)


Roll·Rite® Quality Tarps are available separately.


Dual Conductor Plugset
Rite·Touch™ Single Function Wireless Remote Control is Optional for Single Arm Rite·Lock™ Kits

End Caps (custom order): Fabric recommended for most end dump trailer applications. Solid Aluminum for rigid installation is also available.


Downloads are available on our online Parts & Support portal. For How-to-Measure Spec Forms and Installation Manuals click here on Roll·Rite® Parts.

Part # Description Schematic Parts
37100 Rite·Lock™ Kit, Passenger Stowing w/One Top Mount Pivot – 12V TS
(Options: Wireless Control & Rear Strap Return-specify separately)
Schematic Parts
38208 Rite·Lock™ Kit, Passenger Stowing w/One External Mount Pivot & MultiFlex™ Arm for 2-inch Axle- 12V TS Schematic Parts
38212 Rite·Lock™ Kit, Passenger Stowing w/One External Mount Pivot & MultiFlex™ Arm for 3-inch Axle – 12V TS Schematic Parts