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Ag Products: Services & Repairs

Roll-Rite Ag Products Onsite Installations

Onsite Installations: Why Roll·Rite® Is A Step Above:

The following details make Roll-Rite the premier tarp installer in Iowa and the surrounding agricultural communities:

  • On-Site Installation uses spacers between the bracket and the trailer so it is not right against a huck rivet. We only drill out the rivet where needed. We securely lock nut it on the inside of the trailer. We don’t use self-tapping bolts.
  • Our professional installers take pride in keeping all wiring secured and not hanging where it can cause problems. Inside the trailer, we neatly secure it for a factory installed look.
  • The arms of the system do not stick up or away from the trailer. This placement ensures that you won’t hit any augers or buildings. It also gives your rig a clean look.
  • We take extreme pride in our installs. We don’t cut any corners or quality. We want to make sure this is what you would have wanted if it came from a factory. You spent good money on a trailer, you should only want the best tarping system on your trailer for many years of use.
Reliability and quality don’t come cheap, but we are not expensive. Contact our Council Bluffs facility today to learn more about our on-site installations.

Grain Roll Tarp Repairs: Tarp Kits, Parts & Accessories

We carry durable grain tarp kits for a wide variety of trailers and wagons.

Grain tarps, parts and accessories from Roll-Rite will securely and reliably keep your grain contained in your trailer and protected from the weather. You’ll protect your investment and reduce your cost while growing your profit.

Our high-quality grain tarps and accessories will allow you to secure your grain payload safely and easily. We offer OEM sizes, so it will fit your trailer perfectly. Other features of our grain tarps:

  1. High-Quality Vinyl
  2. Double Stitched Pockets and Webbing
  3. Stitched With Mildew Resistant Thread

Our grain tarp accessories are just as reliable and durable and often higher quality. We carry bearings, so you can easily replace ones that have gone bad. A worn out bearing makes the job even more difficult. We also stock OEM parts for your grain tarp, allowing you keep everything working properly.

Contact our friendly staff at Roll Rite, Council Bluffs today and get a free quote on our grain tarps for straight trucks, wagons, and grain carts. We look forward to setting you up with the best grain tarp in Iowa.