Roll·Rite® GTX550 Grain Tarp Power Kit

Roll·Rite® 550GTX Lock Down Tarp System for Grain Trailers

Roll·Rite® GTX550 Lock Down Tarp System for Grain Trailers

Roll·Rite® GTX550 Grain Trailer Tarp Kit

Roll·Rite® GTX550 dual arm power kit features patented knuckle-pivot with Rite-Lock™ technology for powering lock down tarps on Grain Trailers. The Roll·Rite® GTX550 systems include the TarpStretcher® electric gear motor designed exclusively for side tarping. Kits include adjustable Universal mounting bracket to retrofit most any model grain trailer and our Rite·Touch™ Controller with “one-touch” technology.

  • Patented Dual Arm Lock-Down… features low profile front power arm and synchronized rear arm offering maximum load protection and containment
  • Patented Knuckle Pivot… keeps constant tension on tarp for maximum control in wind conditions, allowing for operation even with various heaped loads
  • Bushing Mounted… Reduces metal to metal contact for long wear life
  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Mounting Bracket… Works on square or slope nose trailers for a perfect fit on all grain trailer makes and models.

Roll·Rite® Rapid Install Hopper Door Openers

Rite-Trap Rapid Install Grain Hopper Door Opener

Rite-Trap Rapid Install Grain Hopper Door Opener

Need to power your grain trailer trap doors? Roll·Rite® Rapid Install hopper door openers are designed for durability along with quick and easy installation. Click Here to Learn More…


The Roll·Rite® GTX550 Dual Arm Power Kit and a Tractor Wiring Kit (listed separately below) are recommended to retrofit existing Grain Trailer tarps:

To order a complete a GTX550 system, an Axle Kit and Tarp need to be specified when ordering. Call us toll-free at 1-800-297-9905 for assistance.

  • Rigid 3-inch diameter tarp axle (specified and sold separately)
  • A Roll·Rite® Quality tarp based on your tarp requirements (specified and sold separately)


Roll·Rite® Quality Tarps are sold separately.



Downloads are available on our online Parts & Support portal. For How-to-Measure Spec Forms and Installation Manuals check our Parts & Support page click here on Roll·Rite® Parts.


Part # Description Schematic Parts
38206 Roll-Rite GTX550, Dual Arm External Pivot W/RF Wireless Controller Schematic Parts
104190 Tractor Wiring Kit Schematic Parts