Roll Tarps for Grain Carts & Wagons

Roll Tarps, Wagon Covers and Trailer Covers

Roll-Rite Super Duty Tarp System for Grain Cart

We carry roll tarp kits for all types of grain wagons, carts or trailers.

Roll·Rite® carries tarp kits that are a durable and reliable way to make a more secure work environment for drivers, while containing and protecting payloads from the elements. You’ll maximize your profits and reduce your costs by tarping your wagons and trailers.

Our roll tarp kits make it easy for you to tarp your payloads and we offer a custom fit hem and clinch style tarp cap. Other features of our tarp kits include:

  • Custom Fit Hem & Clinch Style Tarp Caps
  • 22 oz Tarp
  • Cast Aluminum Tarp Stops
  • Stretch Rope Return
  • Galvanized Steel Tarp Bows & Brackets
  • Adjustable Crank Arm
  • Adjustable Crank Handle Retainer
  • Aluminum Latch Plate
  • Steel Roll Tube
  • (2) 1″ Ridge Straps
  • No weld Installation

We also carry replacement parts and tarps to keep your existing system working. If you need a roll tarp for agricultural equipment, construction equipment, trucks, or any roll tarp need, please contact us. Roll·Rite has a big selection, and will do our best to get your the roll tarp you need.