6200 Series Pull-Style Tarp System

Roll·Rite® 6200 Series on a Dodge Quad Cab

Roll·Rite® 6200 Series on a Dodge Quad Cab

Roll·Rite® 6200 Series For 1-Tons & Light Duty Dump Truck Applications

Designed exclusively for dump trucks using up to 16 feet of tarp. Smooth operating pull style tarping mechanism pulls out easily. Fast, spring powered retractable “window shade” roll-up increases your productivity. Ideal for infrequent tarping in applications including:

  • Landscaping
  • Grounds-keeping
  • Municipalities
  • Light Duty Construction and More!
  • Custom** made for your truck
  • No cranks, no bulk
  • Unique tie-down accessories included help tuck tarp behind cab guard

To specify measurements, download the How-to-Measure Light Truck Order Form. To download form from our Parts & Support documents page click here on Roll·Rite® Parts.

** Purchasers are responsible for misorders on custom orders.  See our Custom Order Policy under Warranty and Policies.

See the 6200 Series Photo Gallery for More Dump Truck Applications


Housing Details
  • Custom Fit: 66″ to 96″ wide based on your truck body measurements for a perfect fit
  • Durable Aluminum Tarp Spool with wind deflector tarp protection features high polished finish for a professional appearance
  • Pre-Assembled tarp spool for quick installation.


Tarp Considerations

  • Free Tarp Installation when specified with a Roll·Rite® Premium Tarp. Be sure to use the How-to-Measure Light Truck Spec Form to order tarp. Download the form from our Parts & Support documentation page at Roll·Rite® Parts.
  • Accommodates up to 16 feet of Tarp
  • Tarp width needs to be at least 3-inches narrower than spool width
  • Will not accept a Flapped or Pleated tarp


Tie Down Accessories Included

Springless Arm Kit Option available call 800-297-9905 for details


Downloads are available on our online Parts & Support portal. For How-to-Measure Spec Forms and Installation Manuals see our Parts & Support documentation page click here on Roll·Rite® Parts.


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