Tarp Gear Motors

Industry Leading Gear Motor Technology for Tarping

Roll·Rite® leading tarp gear motor technology offers just the right gear motor for your tarp application.

Worm Gear or Spur Gear Technology

Roll·Rite® Worm Gear technology, the industry standard, provides efficient power for general tarping requirements. Our Spur Gear technology features a spur and helical gearing configuration with forged steel heat treated gears and precision ground ball bearings for a much longer transmission life than worm-style transmission.


TarpMaster® 10310

The Industry Standard For Dump Truck Tarp Systems
Roll·Rite® TarpMaster®

Roll·Rite® TarpMaster® Gear Motor

  • Perfect for single to multi-axle dump trucks using up to 24 feet of tarp
  • Worm gear technology
  • 3-year warranty

Super Duty

Super Duty 10122

For Bigger Trucks & Trailers
Roll·Rite® Super Duty Electric Gear Motor

Roll·Rite® Super Duty Gear Motor

  • Patented Super Duty is perfect for up to 57 feet of tarp and is used on systems for multi-axle dump trucks, end dump trailers, roll off and hooklift hoists, roll off trailers and transfer or chip trailers
  • Spur gear technology
  • 5-year warranty


TarpStretcher® 10200

Designed Exclusively for Side Lock Down Systems
Roll·Rite® TarpStretcher® Electric Gear Motor

Roll·Rite® TarpStretcher® Gear Motor

  • Perfect with our Rite·Lock™ technology for sealed or mesh tarp systems on dump truck and trailers including transfer or chip trailers, grain trailers, live bottom and belly dumps, and side dump trailers
  • Spur gear technology
  • 5-year warranty


Thru-Shaft 20120

Designed for Powering Everyday Manual Tasks
Roll·Rite® Thru-Shaft Electric Gear Motor

Roll·Rite® Thru-Shaft Gear Motor

  • Perfect for powering existing cable style tarp systems for end dump truck and trailers as well as live bottom and belly dump trailers
  • Spur gear technology
  • 5-year warranty



For Tarp Applications Using Over 20 Feet of Tarp
Roll·Rite® Hydra·Lock™ Hydraulic Gear Motor

Roll·Rite® Hydra·Lock™ Gear Motor

  • The tarp industry’s first, self-braking hydraulic gear motor. With your existing truck hydraulics, the Hydra·Lock delivers horsepower and torque comparable to our patented Super Duty electric gear motor, using only 7gpm at 1250 psi. The 10180 Hydra·Lock is great for standard tarp applications using over 20 feet of tarp.
  • 3-year warranty