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From Single Axle to Multi Axle Dump Trucks to Stone Slingers or Grapple Trucks, we have a tarp system or power kit to tarp your application faster, safer and easier. Our TarpMaster® and Super Duty Series offer traditional front to back tarp coverage. Or if your truck load requires a sealed application, our STS Series with Rite·Lock™ technology for lock-downs provides watertight protection.

Our systems feature durable aluminum construction and proven gear motor technology to reliably contain and protect your payload. System components are designed for low maintenance. Keep your aggregate and asphalt trucks covered and on the road load after load.

TarpMaster® and Super Duty Systems Feature:

  • Gear Motor: The TarpMaster® is today’s industry standard tarp gear motor for general purpose tarping. It is designed to power systems using up to 24 feet of tarp and comes with a 3-year non-prorated warranty.  Our optional patented Super Duty features a spur and helical gear configuration with forged heat treated gears and precision ground bearings for a much longer-life transmission. The Super Duty comes with a 5-year non-prorated warranty. See our Warranty and Policies for more information.
  • Tarp Spool Housings: Three tarp spool kit styles to meet mounting requirements for your style dump truck.
    1. Integrated Housing for maximum wind and tarp protection is pre-assembled for easy installation
    2. Wind Deflector provides standard wind and tarp protection.
    3. Tarp Spool Only installs directly into cab guards for a built-in profile.
  • Tarp Bow and Arms:  Roll·Rite® tarp arms consist of a lower pivot arm and upper tarp bow. Each are made from a specially treated, high strength extruded aluminum alloy.
  • External Pivot: Spiral Torsion 3, 4 or 5-spring pivots are suited for dump trucks using tarps from 16 feet to 26 feet. Optional mounting brackets are available.
  • Options: Tension Bow option secures tarp behind cab guards over 8-inches tall. Offset elbows are available in 30 and 45-degree angles to tailor arms away from load or door areas. Our patented roller bearing Under Body Pivot is also available for a slimmer profile.